Community Transformation Trust (CTT) Annual Report 2022

Mawa Village TCD Project (2020-2024) in Indonesia

Background: TCD Project in Mawa village, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, run by GHNI. It is expected to run from 2020-2025. CTT is fully funding this TCD Project (approx. $15,000 USD per year).

Progress on Clean Water: Clean water is now being piped in from a nearby spring into the new village water tank, which then pipes the water to each house – villagers pay a small fee to maintain this water system. This has greatly reduced the cost of water.

Plan for Income Generation: The main focus in 2022 has been is on income generation. The villagers currently raise pigs for others (they don’t own the pigs themselves). They plan to create a revolving capital fund for the purchase of pigs, with a set number of individuals withdrawing funds per year – so that around 15 families per year can start their own pig-raising operations. The individuals will pay 50% of the cost of the pig(s) and GHNI will pay the other 50%.

Polewali Village TCD Project (2020-2024) in Indonesia

The last stage of this project is being funded by CTT Trust in 2022 (the first part of the project was funded by Better World Initiative, a different charity we run).

Background: A community struggling with income generation opportunities, a lack of access to clean water, poor sanitation (only one latrine in the village) and low school attendance rates. Many families saw their primary breadwinner working outside the province and sending funds home, and the primary source of water for the community was a stream that flowed through the village.

December 2022 update:

  • Income Generation: There is a new soap-making business run by some of the village women. The TCD team is also working with another group in the community to establish income generation via livestock production (the current plan is to purchase & raise chickens).
  • Water Supply and Latrines (December 2022 update): Several new water sources have been drilled, and several new latrines have been installed in the village.
  • Ongoing committee meetings and TCD training provided on issues that the villagers consider are the most important. The current main focus is on income generation initiatives.

TCD Worker [Seed] Funding (2022-ongoing)

Background: A new fund set up in 2023 by GHNI to support TCD workers so that they can develop relationships with villages in 6 key regions (SE Asia; Central Asia; Middle East & North Africa; South Asia; Africa; East Asia) and explore the suitability of each village for adoption into new TCD projects. The aim of this fund is to make it more efficient and easier to investigate and select new villages suitable for adoption into a TCD programme.

How CTT is helping: CTT has agreed to fully fund this new seed project on an ongoing annual basis, supporting seed workers in 6 regions. The estimated ongoing cost to run this Seed Fund is $7000 USD per region annually ($42,000 USD total annually).

Progress so far: Progress TBA (this is a new fund established in December 2022).