Make a Donation to TCD Projects

We’d love for you to join us in supporting new TCD Projects in other villages! The best way to support these TCD projects from NZ is to make a one-off or recurring donation to our charity Community Transformation Trust for use towards TCD Projects (all donations to Community Transformation Trust are tax deductible in NZ).

Donation Form

    Complete the form below & then make the donation to our ASB bank account: 12-3488-0032017-00 (Account Name: Community Transformation Trust). Include your name in the “Reference” section when making the payment.

    Updates on the projects you are supporting – if you have made a one-off or regular donation, we will send you updates once or twice a year by email about the projects your donations have helped to support (you can opt out of the email updates at anytime). If you don’t want to receive any email updates please let us know when you complete the donation form above.

    Donation tax receipt: We will also email you a tax-deductible donation receipt at the end of the financial year (we will send one receipt which will cover all donations made during the tax year).