About Us

The mission of CTT is to raise money to help facilitate the relief of poverty worldwide, through improvement in relevant areas such as health, education, food, income, sanitation and water.

The Community Transformation Trust is a member of CID NZ (The Council for International Development).

IRD number: 131-769-512

Registered Charity Number CC57936
Registered 20th March 2020
Overseas Donee Status Approved from 1 April 2022.

NZ Business Number 9429048003957
Incorporation Number 50030660
Incorporation Date 17-Mar-2020

Overseas Donee Status approved under Schedule 32 (from 1 April 2022): We have been given donee status under Schedule 32 of the Income Tax Act 2007. ¬†This is available for certain NZ charities that have purposes which are more than 50% outside of New Zealand – the charity’s aims must fall within at least one of the following purposes:

  • The relief of poverty, hunger, sickness or the ravages of war or natural disaster, or
  • The economy of developing countries; or
  • Raising the educational standards of a developing country.


To contact us, please email David Allis (Trustee)  [email protected]